Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wow-I keep forgetting

Wow-I keep forgetting to blog. This isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Well I guess it's not that it's hard it's just I never seem to remember to sign on until it's late and then by then I just want to go up to bed. So I am aiming for an even better week this week with my weigh in. I have been super careful and not even eating the "extras" that are allowed. I'm hoping that by just sticking to only what is allowed, nothing more, no extras, that I will see a bigger loss this week. My "friend" is due this weekend so I'm not sure how this will affect my weight. To be honest, I never really paid attention to it. I never really paid attention to my weight weekly. I knew I was overweight but just didn't want to see those numbers on the scale. All it did was confirm, yes-you are overweight and need to lose weight. But maybe that's what I needed...to be aware. I am not strictly going to pay attention to the numbers but more of how I look and feel. If I was a size 6 but weighed 180 pounds I wouldn't care...but that's not the case. I would love to be a size 6 again, those clothes are so cute. I went shopping the other day and noticed that the clothes for "smaller" women is cute. Then I went to my size and the clothes aren't really cute. I want to wear cute clothes. I used to "live" in summer dresses. Well I haven't worn a cute summer dress since before my daughter was born and that was almost 4 years ago. Wow. That's what I am aiming for...cute, summer dresses! (Even though summer is almost over) But then by winter I won't have to hibernate in big sweatshirts! Well I hope everyone has a good day!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Weigh in day

So this morning is my weigh in. To be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to it. Last week I lost 3 pounds. Yes, it is a loss but I was hoping for more. But I was still happy that there was a loss so I really shouldn't complain. I waited for about 10 minutes after waking up. I stepped on the scale and saw a 3 pound loss. I got off and got back on again to see if my scale was playing tricks on me. Nope, it was definitely 3 pounds less than last week. So I put my contacts in and went and made my bed and then went back to the scale. Hopped on again and it said the same number. Wow! I have to admit once again that I was hoping for a higher number but I will take 3 pounds. After all, 3 pounds is 3 pounds! I have to say this and I'm hoping I don't sound strange so here it goes. The other day as I was walking through the mall with me girls I felt like I was lighter. I'm wondering if it's from losing water weight? I didn't feel like it was such an effort to walk. I was moving right along just fine. Now I never had problems walking before but I felt lighter. I guess I don't know how to explain it. Maybe it's also my brain telling me I am changing and I like the sound of that! I just worry that once I get to my goal that I will gain the weight back. Part of me is worried, the other part isn't. I don't have a problem maintaining my weight. So I am hoping, really hoping that when I am done with Medifast I can keep my weight where I want it and not get back to how I am now.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another few days down

So as the time goes by being on Medifast does get easier. Don't get me wrong there are times when my kids are eating something I would love to take a bite of but then I tell myself, I've come so far (okay almost 2 weeks) and I'm not going to give in now. I went to dinner with Jennifer last night and it was yummy. I had her help me pick out my entree and sides as well as help me at the salad bar. She used to do Medifast so who better to ask than her. I was glad to see that what she picked and the portions she told me to eat were very similar to what I was already doing so I feel better about that. I was worried that I was over doing it on my lean and green but I am not. Yay! Now I am trying to figure out exactly how much or how little I should be exercising. I read somewhere that you don't want to exercise too much for fear of putting your body in starvation mode. So how do I figure out how much to exercise? Hmm.. I do swim once or twice a week as long as it's warm enough outside. I don't do laps or anything like that, just swim around and play with the kids. Oh and jump off the diving board every once in a while :) So I'm hoping for more than a 3 pound loss when I weigh tomorrow but will take anything. I'm guessing I'm just going to lose slower than others. Losing is good but I wish and hope for big numbers. We'll see and only the scale will tell.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here I Am

Hi there. I'm still here. I keep forgetting to blog and then when I finally remember, it's late and I just don't feel like typing. So getting through the days is getting easier and for this I am glad. As I stated before it was quite hard, harder than I thought it would be. I guess I thought this whole thing would be easy for me since I don't eat much. But when you are allowed to only eat certain things, all of a sudden you want everything. Things that you don't normally eat you find yourself wanting it. Weird how that works. But I've been good and been sticking to what is allowed. I'm still trying to figure out this lean and green thing as I don't want to eat too much or eat something I shouldn't. So tonight I decided to try something different. I had tuna with Olive Oil Mayo (thanks Jennifer). That was good. I ate a little bit of it at dinner time with my salad. Then I put it away for later. See the hardest part of my day is at night. I'm so used to eating something while watching my TV shows. Now let me say that when I was eating something it wasn't junk. It was apples and peanut butter or celery and peanut butter. And every once in a while I would have some cheese and crackers or even some plain popcorn but that's it. I wasn't eating candy, cookies, ice cream etc...the stuff I was eating was pretty much good for me. So tonight when felt that urge to eat something I pulled out the rest of my tuna and ate away. I didn't realize I could do that (eat some at one time and eat the rest later) Why didn't I think of that? I love tuna. I've always loved it and it's easy to split it and enjoy it twice. I think that will get me through the "night-time urge" to eat. I just hope that the scale is nicer to me this week. We shall see! I can't wait to go to dinner with Jennifer tomorrow (Wednesday)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Days 7, 8 and 9

Okay, I'm back. Sorry for the delay. I have been so busy these past few days my head is still spinning. I'm not usually busy all the time but for some reason this week was crazy. So Thursday went well. Although I slacked on my water a bit and probably only drank 3/4 of what I am supposed to. Oh well. No biggie. Friday was my first weigh in day. Let's just say that I was not overly excited with the result but it is a start and there was a loss. The loss was 3 pounds. I'll take it. I was hoping for a little more but what can you do? I stuck to the plan like I was supposed to. I'm hoping my body is getting into the groove of things so next week when I weigh in there will be a higher number. I really think my low loss was because I wasn't eating enough before and I actually eat more with Medifast. Let's hope that is the case. Today I have a bridal shower to go to so I know there will be yummy food. But I'll be armed with a yummy bar. I'm sure there will be a green salad there for me to enjoy so that way I won't look totally weird not eating a thing. I'll bring my own dressing or go without (which I do sometimes). Tomorrow (Sunday) will be another food day with the family as there is a graduation party. But I'll do the same thing and I'll be good!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Days 5 and 6

Wow-I've been busy. So busy I forgot to write yesterday. Well first and foremost I have to thank my hubby. I was borrowing my friend Jennifer's Magic Bullet (minds out of the gutters, please-haha) to make my shakes. Well I must have talked about liking the thing a lot that my hubby got me one of my own. Woo Hoo! My very own Magic Bullet. I can't wait to use it! Well these last two days are easier but I'm not expecting a whole lot of "goodness" with my weigh in on Friday. In fact, I'm not really looking forward to it. I think losing this weight is going to be a bit more challenging than I thought. See, here's what I think. As I mentioned before, the extra weight I have is strictly from not losing it after my daughter was born. Yes she is 3 years old, why did I wait so long so it's 10 times harder to lose, I have no clue. Anyway, I also said somewhere that I am not much of an eater. I don't snack much and in fact I don't eat much at all. So you would think that I would be as skinny as a pole. Well I think since I don't eat much at all that when I do it my body hoards it. I must be putting myself into starvation mode which didn't occur to me until a few months ago while Jennifer and I were talking about it. So that also means my metabolism must be sleeping. So I'm thinking that when I weigh in on Friday I think my loss is going to be low. I think eating the 5 meals and then the lean and green my body isn't used to that and I think I'm eating more calories than I used to. Hard to believe I know, but I'm telling you, I rarely ate during the day. Most of my eating would be dinner and then my all time favorite snack at night...apples and peanut butter or celery and peanut butter. So I'm going to keep on truckin' and hope this week proves me wrong and if not that next weeks weigh in will prove me wrong. I'm not giving up yet.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 4

Okay, I will admit, it was a little easier today. I do have to say that my daughters grilled cheese sandwich at lunch looked more yummy than ever. Grilled cheese is not something I would normally eat but it did look good. But I went on my way to finish the sandwich. Thankfully she wanted to eat in the playroom which is in the basement so before I knew it, the sandwich was on its way downstairs. That was a good thing. I just want to know why all of a sudden I am missing food? I am missing foods I don't normally eat. WHY? Before starting Medifast I could go all day without eating or snacking and not think twice, I wouldn't be bothered. Why all of a sudden do I want food all the time? I feel like I am missing out on something. But I want the weight to come off so I try to get my mind thinking about something else. I haven't gone off plan and that I am happy about. I'm afraid that when it's time to come off Medifast that I am going to eat everything in sight and gain all the weight back. I know it's all about moderation but what the heck is happening here? For dinner tonight I had the Cauliflower Pizza. I liked it. I tried it once before (when I wasn't on Medifast) and thought that was something I could have again. A few days later I made it using broccoli for the crust. I have to say that was good too. I'm not sure what I am going to have for snack tonight. I really want a diet soda as I haven't had one since last Thursday. That is the longest I have gone with no soda or caffeine for that matter. The only drink I have had since I started Medifast is water. I still am not fond of it. I know diet soda is allowed but I like Diet Mountain Dew...does that count? Well off to get the kiddos a snack and then in bed :)